Bonnie Cole


The district's Transportation Department is dedicated to providing safe and reliable transportation for our students, ensuring all of our students arrive to school and back home safe each day.

If you have a question about transportation, please contact us. We will make every effort to ensure that your child’s school bus ride will be the safest and most convenient for your child and you.

Thank you.Jim Worthington

Bonnie Cole, Transportation Director
283-4600, ext. 25 or
337-7029 (cell)

Jim Worthington, Senior Bus Driver
376-8335 (cell)

Bus Drivers and Routes

Route # Bus Driver
57 Lance Maxon
60 Bob Cushing
Tom Schmidt
62 Charles Claus
64 Robert See
65 Robert Webb
66 Joseph Miller
67 Debbie Hayes
68 Nancy Ruffinen
69 Raymond Etman
70 Karen Keegan
71 Charles Claus
Tom Schmidt
72 Christie Delamater
73 Mark Ahern
74 Jane Duchowny
75 Mario Ciprioni
76 Ralph Roberts
Substitute Anthony Ciamplillo

Request for Non-Public School Transportation

New York State Education Law § 3635(2) requires parents or guardians of a child residing within the Wynantskill Union Free School District to submit a written request to the district, for transportation to a non-public school, by April 1 or when not residing in the district on April 1, within 30 days after establishing residency within the district. 

The purpose of this deadline is to enable the school district to budget funds and make necessary arrangements to provide reasonable and economical transportation to students.

A late request is one filed by a parent or guardian after the April 1 deadline or by a new resident more than 30 days after moving into the district.  Late requests shall be granted only where a reasonable explanation is provided for the delay and there is no additional cost to the District.  The authority to decide which reasons are acceptable rests with the Board of Education.  The parent or guardian of a student who is denied transportation to a non-public school may make an appeal to the Commissioner of Education if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached with the Superintendent or the Board of Education.

Please note that the Non-Public School Transportation Request Form must be completed every school year in order to provide efficient service to students.

2017-18 School Year Forms

2016-17 School Year Forms

About the Wynantskill UFSD Transportation Department

Wynantskill Union Free School District transports about 700 students daily to 27 private, parochial and public schools located within the Capital District area. Our students are transported to and from school in approved school buses, over approved routes and from approved stops. Our drivers are highly trained and certified as school bus drivers and we provide on-going training for them on a regular basis. Our inspection, maintenance and repair service is consistently ranked in the top 10% state-wide, as reported annually by the NYS Department of Transportation. The district has established a long-term bus replacement plan that minimizes the tax burden as well as keeps more efficient buses on the road.

Our drivers have a lot of responsibilities every day while driving up to 60 students to and from school. To assure all students an orderly and safe school bus ride, we require the following:

  • All students are assigned seats.
  • All students must be seated in assigned seats at all times while on the bus.
  • No eating food or drinking of beverages is allowed.
  • No loud talk or noise making.
  • Follow all of the school rules while riding the bus.

Following the Rules

It is important to remember that each student riding the bus has a responsibility to assure safety on the bus everyday by following the rules established. We want the driver to be able to keep his/her eyes on the road and not need to continually watch student behavior. To assist us in monitoring proper behavior, we do have camera tapes running on each of our buses, which are reviewed if or when there is a reported problem in addition to the regular reviews conducted each week by the Administration. Please assist us in our efforts to keep our school buses safe by reminding students to adhere to the rules set up in the District's Code of Conduct. Failure to follow the safety rules, which endangers the other riders, will result in disciplinary measures described in the Code of Conduct and include possible suspension of riding privileges.

Traffic Regulations

Please be aware of the traffic regulations in and around our school. Any students being transported by relatives, family members or friends, must be dropped off in the parking lot area, designated by the "student drop off" sign. This area is for dropping off students only and is not to be used as a place to leave your vehicle under any circumstances, even for a quick minute. Additionally, students should not be dropped off or picked up in the circle area between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. and between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. as these are times that our buses are parked or dropping off or picking up our students and no other vehicles should be in this area, during these times.

Handicapped Parking

There are a couple of designated "Handicapped Only" parking spots in our parking lot for use by those legally approved to park in these spots. In order to legally park in these areas, the driver must have this designation on their valid driver's license. A Handicapped sign in the mirror is not sufficient. Please be respectful and obey the law.

Final Reminders

Some final reminders to assure the safety of our students and visitors when on the school property:

  • Speed limit is 15 MPH.
  • It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus when signal lights are flashing.
  • Parking or standing in any area, other than the parking lot, during the above designated times is prohibited.
  • Report any violations to the School Administration immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance as we try to ensure the safety of our students.