High School Choice Information

Please contact School Counselor Amy Murphy at 283-4600 ext. 27 whenever you have a question about what high school will be the best fit for your child.

We have included some helpful information below about High School Choice but speaking with Ms. Murphy is the best way to get detailed answers about questions such as high school courses that are offered and what credits will be accepted.

High School Choices

After graduating from Gardner-Dickinson, students can attend high school at the following districts:

Timeline to Choose a High School

Here is a general timeline for choosing a high school. Please see the scrolling website calendar for exact dates during the school year.

Timeframe Steps in Process
September Parent Informational Meeting to discuss High School Choice process
January High School Fair during school day with High School representatives
January/February Parent Information Nights at High Schools of choice
February Parents and students asked to prioritize high school selections
March Opportunity for students to visit their High School of interest
March Deadline to notify School Counselor Amy Murphy of High School Choice
April/May High School schedules are planned
June Student records are sent to High Schools


Common Questions and Answers

Q: Do families pay tuition to attend high schools?
A: No. Wynantskill UFSD pays tuition to participating school districts for Gardner-Dickinson students to attend their high schools.

Q: Can my child change schools if we discover the school does not fit my child?
A: While students can change high schools, the district encourages parents to contact School Counselor Amy Murphy about any difficulties their child is having as soon as possible to help address concerns before considering changing schools.

Q: If I have an older child in high school, can my other children attend that school as well?
A: Yes. Every effort is made to keep families together, unless a different selection is made by the family.

Q: How is my child's Grade Point Average (GPA) calculated?
A: GPA, for the purpose of Honor Roll (89.5 to 94.4), High Honor Roll (94.5 or higher), and Class Ranking for Gr. 8 Valedictorian and Salutatorian, is calculated by averaging courses based upon their weight (i.e. a class that meets every other day counts for half of the points for a class that meets every day). For a specific breakdown or additional questions about your child's quarterly GPA, please contact School Counselor Amy Murphy.

Q: We are residents of North Greenbush Common School District (Little Red). Do we have the same choices?
A: No. Students attending Gardner-Dickinson who are residents of North Greenbush Common School District (Little Red) have different choices for high school; these parents should speak with School Counselor Amy Murphy about their options.

Q: Is there other information available?
A: Yes. Here is an informational presentation that was shown to 8th graders.