Dignity For All Students Act

No BullyingNew York State’s Dignity for All Students Act took effect on July 1, 2012. The goal of the Dignity Act is to create a safe and supportive school climate where students can learn and focus, rather than fear being discriminated against verbally and/or physically harassed. All public elementary and secondary school students have the right to attend school in a safe, welcoming, considerate, and caring environment.

Who to Contact

Per the Dignity Act, the district must designate one staff member in each school to be trained in nondiscriminatory instructional counseling methods and handling human relations.

The following contacts have been appointed as coordinators for the building:

Mary Yodis, Principal
(518) 283-4600 ext. 10

Amy Murphy, School Counselor
(518) 283-4600 ext. 27

Kim Herzl-Betz, School Psychologist
(518) 283-4600 ext. 33